Pre and Postnatal Pilates

I offer Pregnancy Pilates and Postnatal Pilates classes in Marlow. Pilates can help keep you healthy throughout your pregnancy and as a new mum. These are times when you need to look after your health even more than usual, not just for you but for the benefit of your baby as well. Pilates classes give you some much-needed me-time, giving you the chance to stretch and relax in a pregnancy-friendly way.

Pilates Instructor Marlow

What is Pre and Postnatal Pregnancy Pilates ?

Pregnancy and postnatal Pilates is based on classical Pilates and adapted to allow you to maintain a level of activity throughout your pregnancy and get you back to exercise safely following the birth.

During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes each month both postural, your breathing, bone density and your hormones. So, it’s important to keep moving and look after yourself to improve posture, reduce the strain on the joints and to teach relaxation and breathing.

Pregnancy affects everyone differently, and in the classes, we will help you focus on what you need for your body. For example, if you are suffering with back pain or knee pain we can focus on exercises for these areas.

Which class is best for you ? 

Pregnancy Pilates

  • You can begin 16 weeks into your pregnancy unless you have been attending Pilates classes with us prior to becoming pregnant.*
  • Pilates is a very safe way of exercising during pregnancy and you can continue well into your third trimester.
  • You will strengthen your core and pelvic floor to help prepare your body for birth and aid recovery afterwards.


*This is a safety and insurance requirement.

 Postnatal Pilates

  • You can begin postnatal Pilates 6 week after a vaginal delivery, 6-8 weeks after an assisted delivery and 12 weeks after a C-section.
  • Pilates assists recovery after the birth, strengthening and realigning the body. It is a great base to start more cardio based exercises further down the line when it’s safe to do so, at a healthy pace for you.
  • A caesarean is a major operation,  please get in touch regarding scar work to help speed up your recovery and restore movement and fascia health. During breastfeeding Soft Tissue Therapy and massage can be beneficial alongside Pilates to help with restoring function and maintaining good posture.

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.”

Joseph Pilates, Return to Life Through Contrology

The Body Control Pilates Method

I teach the Body Control Pilates method, the UK and European market leader in Pilates teacher training, working to UK national standards, whose guiding principle is to make the benefits of Pilates available to all through high quality, safe and effective teaching. Body Control Pilates originates from Joseph Pilates method which he called ‘Contrology’ and consists of the ‘Classical Mat Series’ these 110 exercises are included in the Body Control Pilates method, in class many of the exercises we do are as preparation for these classical exercises.

Pilates Classes Prices & Booking

One to one Class

This is a tailored class specifically for you and suitable for all levels. In addition to Pilates exercises for postnatal if appropriate we may integrate some soft tissue techniques in the class to help to improve mobility to get the most out of the class for you and your body.
Available to book now, online or in the studio.
55 minute one to one class – at the studio £55/ online £45
Block of 6 one to one classes – at the studio £300 / online £240
55 minute doubles private classes – at the studio £90/ online £70
Block of 6 doubles private classes – at the studio £510 / online £390

Group Classes

Small group classes for later pregnancy and postnatal clients. Please contact me for availability and timings.

All booking is online via the appointments system.
Payment for one to one classes is due 24 hours prior to the class. Payment for group classes are due in advance of the course starting to secure a place. Classes cannot be refunded but I will try my best to offer you an alternative class to make it up which can be taken in the same 6 week period this may be an online or in person course.
I cannot guarantee that there will always be a make-up class place available in a suitable class and classes as class number are limited due to insurance.
For full Terms and Conditions click here. 

Pilates Qualifications:

Body Control Pilates Instructor Level 3

Pregnancy and Postnatal 1 & 2

Emergency First Aid at Work

Member of the Body Control Pilates Association

Member of the Body Control Pilates Academy

Fully insured via Balens