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Soft Tissue Therapy

Effective treatment for postural, occupational and sports injuries

Online Consultations during the COVID19 Shutdown

Since closing the clinic temporarily whilst I am unable to see clients for face to face treatments I am delighted to be able to offer telerehab consultations. This service which is part of Rehab my Patient a secure online platform that I already use to go live this week so I can ensure confidentiality and GDPR compliance with your medical information. If you would prefer a phone call we can use this method instead.

BOOK ONLINE http://www.yourbodyworkshop.co.uk/appointments/

Select Zacs and the appointment type you require and book a slot as usual.

For more information on How does a video/telephone consultation work please see my FAQ page.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Prevent injuries, prepare the body for athletic or day-to-day activities and maintain it in optimal condition.

Due to the stress of modern life it is very easy to allow our bodies to become de-conditioned. Ongoing aches and pains can be addressed restoring range of motion and ongoing look at how to prevent re-occurrence. The Body Workshop offers injury assessment and advanced treatment techniques. Remedial exercise and advice is given to enhance recovery, prevent injury and enhance posture and function.
If you suffer from any of the following I can help:
Back ache or sciatica
Shoulder or neck pain
Knee, hip, ankle pain or dysfunction
Recent Scars or recovering from an operation
Sporting injuries
Sprains or strains
Qualified Professionals

Targeted Treatments

Soft Tissue Therapy

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BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage (OSSM)

Kinesiology Taping (K-Taping)

Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner

Emergency First Aid at Work

MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) Accreditation Programme

Member of the ISRM (The Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists)

Member of the SMA (Sports Massage Association)

Registered with the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Fully insured via Balens

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Each treatment is tailored to the individuals needs and will incorporate a variety of advanced massage techniques. These are used in combination to treat a range of different conditions.


Please see our FAQ page which answers many of the questions asked before a first appointment.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone or email.

If you are a professional or semi professional athlete we offer discounted rates as part of the SMAs Road2Success Athlete Sponsorship Programme. Please get in touch for details info@yourbodyworkshop.co.uk

  • New client - 60 or 90 Minutes

  • £60 or 9060 or 90 minutes
  • 60 mins standard appointment time

    90 mins is ideal of a comprehensive consultation and treatment

  • Existing Client - 60 or 90 Minutes

  • £55 or 8560 or 90 minutes
  • 60 mins standard appointment time

    90 mins ideal for a full body massage

  • Existing Client - 30 Minutes

  • £3030 minutes
  • Ideal for working on one specific area.

    Existing Clients only.


We treat a range of clients of all ages including professional athletes, recreational athletes, surgery rehabilitation, chronic conditions, occupational injuries and clients with postural imbalances.


Here is a selection of client feedback.


First appointments are a minimum of 60 minutes with a 90 minute appointment option which includes a full postural and physical assessment.

We highly recommend this initial appointment type if you are suffering with an injury or long term issue which may benefit from a whole body perspective.


Please see our FAQ page which answers many of the questions asked before a first appointment.


These are used in combination to treat a range of different conditions.

Deep tissue massage

Techniques to warm up and flush the soft tissues.

Trigger Point Therapy

Neuromuscular technique to treat soft tissue dysfunction.

Friction Techniques

Effective procedure to free adhesions and scar tissue.

Soft tissue release

Techniques to release local areas of soft tissue restriction.

Muscle energy techniques

To treat areas of myofascial restriction and to improve flexibility.

Positional release

Techniques to release chronic muscle tension.

Myofascial release

The fascia is a continuous web of tissue that covers the entire body, under the skin and surrounds individual muscles and groups of muscles. Myofascial restrictions are not shown on standard tests such as x-rays, CT scans or MRI scans, which means they are rarely diagnosed as the cause of chronic pain conditions. However, they may be described as adhesions. People with fascial restrictions are often prescribed medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs which will have no effect. Myofascial release techniques free up these restrictions.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping techniques run interference on pain signals which are directed to the brain, which reduces the sensation of pain, hence turning down the pain level. It decompresses swelling and inflammation by a microscopic lifting effect underneath the skin and between the many layers. It can attenuate muscle fatigue, help normalize muscle tone whilst distributing the physical stress, allowing full movement but distributing force through other nearby areas through the fascia, ligaments, and even bones. I use Rocktape in my treatments.



I am trained in Soft Tissue Therapy graduating with a Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage with the Oxford School of Sports Massage.  I am a full member of the Institute of Soft Tissue Therapists and the Sports Massage Association  and am registered with the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council .